Test 11

Great coverage from the science to the hands-on and practical. Thanks for including all the levels of expertise – which is super helpful to hear and learn from. Thank you.

Test 10

Once again… Far more informative than traveling to a conference and hearing speakers in assembly. BRAVO to the whole program.

Test 9

Great event. Easy to fit in around the end of my day at home. i like how I can chose to interact or not. Moderator was just helpful enough as to not interfere with presentation. MD/PT had good command of subject as it relates to my orthotics practice. Over all a great...

Test 8

Richard I work in a big University clinic. We have many (TOO) zoom meetings which I hate. You however have this nailed as a meeting and info platform. Thanks for the effort and the hard work you are doing. Keep it up as Pedorthics needs people like you to continue the...

Test 7

Thank you for the great seminar! I was especially impressed with how well the video platform worked! I will definitely be considering other options for my knee OA patients.