Diabetes Patients Are Different

Event Quiz

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your attendance in the lerEXPO event Diabetes Patients are Different.

Please answer the following questions. You must score 70% or greater to receive ABC approved 2.0 CEUs

Multiple Choice Questions: There may be more than one correct answer!!
1.) Estimate number of people worldwide with diabetes?(Required)
2.) Diabetic foot ulceration can lead to(Required)
3.) Diabetic foot ulcers have a ____ chance of recurrence at one year.(Required)
4.) LEAP stands for(Required)
5.) Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam (CDFE) includes:(Required)
6.) Low temperatures in feet are a prelude to diabetic plantar ulcers(Required)
7.) There is a strong relationship between no-adherence to diabetes management and(Required)
8.) On average, unused, open time slots cost a physician $200 and(Required)
9.) LEAP standards include:(Required)
10.) Results of a comprehensive LEAP program includes a 90% reduction in hospital days(Required)

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