lerEXPO Account Setup

Before you can attend or present at any of our Expos first you need to setup your account. Please check out the links below before an event to make sure you have everything you need to attend.

How to create your account

Attendee Guide

Speaker Training

Speaker Tutorial – How to join

How to create your account

Create your account to continue purchasing your ticket, and accessing your events.

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Create and edit your profile

Create an account from your computer

1. Download Google Chrome. The desktop version of Run The World is best experienced on Google Chrome.

2. On Google Chrome, go to the login page (https://app.runtheworld.today/login).

3. Enter the email address of your choice. Click Continue with email.

You will see a verification code screen. 

4. Enter your verification code.

With Run The World open on your browser, open another tab and check your email for a verification code. 

Copy the verification code from your email client, enter it into Run The World’s verification code tab.

5. Create your password. Click Submit.

6. Set up your profile.

On the upper right, next to Organizer dashboard, hover over the circle with a person inside, and click Edit profile.

• Import your profile information from Linkedin or Facebook, or:
• Upload a profile photo.
• Include your headline (no more than 40 characters).
• Click Save Profile to finish setting up your profile.

Congratulations, you’ve created your account!

Attendee Guide

5 steps to joining your event

Welcome to Run The World! You’re just a few steps away from attending your event. This guide will assist you in getting set up so you can enjoy all the talks from your web browser or mobile device.

Join Your Event From Your Computer

1. Create your account

2. Set up your profile

3. Find your event

  • If you have already RSVP’d or bought a ticket to your event, it should appear on your dashboard right away or you can find your event on the left column “Attendee Center”.
  • If the event hasn’t begun yet, it will appear under “Upcoming Events.”
  • If the event has already begun, it will appear under “Ongoing.”

4. Join your event

  • Click Enter Event to view all available sessions.
  • Click Join Stream to attend a live session (note: sessions labeled “Coming Soon” will begin at the appropriate start time). 

5. Engage with attendees and speakers

• Add comments to the chat.
• Answer polling questions.
• Join a group selfie.

To exit a session, click the bottom left button to leave.

Speaker Training

Set up your talk

Welcome to Run The World! You’re just a few steps away from being setup as a speaker.

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Speaker troubleshooting

Before you begin

The web version of Run The World is best experienced on Google Chrome and is required for all individuals signed up as event speakers. Download Google Chrome

Sign in to Run The World

  • Open your email. Find the invitation message from hello@runtheworld.today and click on Get Started. (Can’t find your confirmation email? Go directly to https://organizer.runtheworld.today.)
  • Sign in using the email address associated with your account or Create an account if you have not already.

Test your devices

  • Go to your Joined Events, and find your speaking event.
  • Click Enter event.
  • Close all other video/audio software (including Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime) on your computer.
  • Unpair any bluetooth devices you do not plan on using during your session.
  • Click Join as speaker
  • If Chrome tab launches, make sure the camera and microphone permissions are set to “Allow.”
  • Confirm your camera, microphone, and speaker settings using the drop-down menu.
  • Click Join talk room.
  • When you are prompted to confirm your devices, click Join.

Prepare for your talk, and start streaming

  • Use the allotted time displayed on the screen to prepare for your talk
  • Launch your speaking event as close to the start time as possible.
  • When you are ready to go live, click Start streaming.
  • A confirmation box will appear. Click Go live.
  • Your talk will begin once the moderator joins.

During your speaking event, engage attendees

  • Use interactive features like chat messaging, screen sharing, polling, and group selfies by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the page.
  • Moderator can hide them on the right column instead of showing the headshot on the stage. Attendees can find the name of the moderator at the “On Stage” list.
  • Ask your attendees for a “Groupfie”, or a group selfie!

End your talk

  • Exit by clicking the arrow button on the bottom left corner.
  • Click on “End this talk” only when you want to finish streaming.

Speaker Tutorial – How to Join

Click on the video thumbnail below to watch.

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