Now is the time to dream big! Let us help bring your next event online.

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Introducing lerEXPO

We’d like to introduce you to – the first Global Community for Online Education in the lower extremity space. Just like Lower Extremity Review (, it will be multidisciplinary including Podiatry, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthestics, Pedorthics, Chiropractic and Athletic Training. Our platform will allow online presentations with speakers able to gauge audience attitude, panel discussions, breakout sessions for small groups, a cocktail party for all attendees (think Speed Networking facilitated by interests you’ve pre-selected), and interactivity with select sponsors who understand what you need to know about their products. It’s a unique experience for these challenging times.

lerEXPO Testimonials

OMG! One of the BEST ones yet. Well done by ALL. BRAVO!! I get so much more from these than most of the talks given at an Academy or State meeting.

 Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Management

Richard I work in a big University clinic. We have many (TOO) zoom meetings which I hate. You however have this nailed as a meeting and info platform. Thanks for the effort and the hard work you are doing. Keep it up as Pedorthics needs people like you to continue the profession.

 Bauerfeind - Keeping knee OA Patients Active

Well done and more effective learning process then in person.

 The Thirty Fifth Annual No-nonsense Seminar

Please continue to offer virtual, even if we return to in person seminar! This was an awesome experience!

 The Thirty Fifth Annual No-nonsense Seminar

Great coverage from the science to the hands-on and practical. Thanks for including all the levels of expertise – which is super helpful to hear and learn from. Thank you.

 Bauerfeind - Keeping knee OA Patients Active

Very insightful, excited and have much to discuss with my colleagues. wonderful host as always.

 Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Management

This online format was fantastic. Best seminar in 40yrs.

 The Thirty Fifth Annual No-nonsense Seminar

Once again… Far more informative than traveling to a conference and hearing speakers in assembly. BRAVO to the whole program.

 Bauerfeind - Keeping knee OA Patients Active

Kindly arrange such training on monthly bases which will approve our knowledge and daily bases practice.

 Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Management

Excellent job! I learned a TON and now realize being in this industry and this seminar how much work I have to do personally on my walk and my injuries 🙂 Time to get to work! Thanks again for your help, time, and information.

 Biomechanics Unlocked! Next Level Gait Analysis Utilizing AI

Conference Experience & Value Prop

There has to be a better way for clinicians to learn about new products and talk with exhibitors

Introducing the 1st virtual conference destination for lower extremity clinicians and exhibitors in the fields of Podiatry, Physical Therapy, O&P, Chiropractic, Pedorthics, Orthopedics, Athletic Trainers and more…



Ability to have uninterrupted, meaningful, conversations via online chat & video conference call

Total Access

Virtual presentations are available 24-hours a day during the conference for clinicians to visit on their own time from the comfort of their office or home


For exhibitors, greater lead generation and higher conversion rates 

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Now is the time to dream big! Let us help bring your next event online.

Seemingly overnight, coronavirus has reshaped the world of face-to-face medical education conferences. COVID-19 may have changed the way we interact, but the educational message in your conference is still valuable. And there’s still an audience that is hungry to hear evidence-based guidance from a trusted source.

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We’re bridging the gap between online education and social networking. We are an online portal for multi-disciplinary continuing education.

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