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The Evolution of Pedorthics

Presented by: PFA Pedorthic Footcare Association

Learn about current scanning technologies that digitally capture the foot. Learn about 3D printing options to manufacture custom orthotics. Understand the tremendous beneficial environmental impact of using any of these technologies in your practice. Understand recent changes in privileging standards. Understand and employ best business practices that will save you time and money. Learn how to best comply with the standards that apply directly to your practice. Be able to chart documentation that supports treatment, billing and medical necessity. Make sure you get paid for the services you provide and help defend yourself from audits. Further understand the “fascia webbing” and how movement of the feet involving focus on fascia affects the entire body, the body’s performance, and its power to improve body systems. Optimize foot/leg exercise and health benefits.

Exactly How Does Diabetes Impact the Foot?

Sponsored by: PFA Pedorthic Footcare Association.
Presented by: Erick Janisse CO, CPed

In this talk, we’ll take a deeper dive into exploring the actual pathophysiology of the diabetic foot. Having this understanding not only helps you to treat your patient’s feet, but it is invaluable in educating your patient and preventing future complications.

The Evolution of Foot Orthotic Therapy

Sponsored by Sensor Medica – Technology in Motion
This event will focus on technology that offers a solution for the associated lack of objectivity and repeatability. This event will highlight new technologies which use computerized repeatable objective analysis of foot function and stresses during ambulation with CAD-CAM solutions for producing the most precise and efficient foot orthotics.

Providing Footwear and Other Pedorthic Modalities for the Senior Population

Sponsored by the PFA – Pedorthic Footcare Association
This mini-symposium was presented in three sections.

  • Dennis Janisse discussrs the research that has been done in the arena of diabetic shoes and efficacy.
  • Brian Lane provides a peek behind the curtain of shoe design and manufacture to explain shoe sizing and why it is as complex as it is.
  • Erick Janisse provides insight into how the aging process affects your patients’ abilities to properly use – and benefit from – the pedorthic modalities that you provide to them.

Biomechanics: Using force and pressure to analyze foot function

Sponsored by Tekscan

This event showcases three unique gait analysis research applications for force and pressure mapping technology, including sports-concussion research, balance assessment of a pediatric patient, and assisting in the offloading of a patient suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer. Attendees will learn how this versatile core technology can present exciting opportunities for nearly any field of gait analysis research to gain dynamic force and pressure insights.

The Thirty-Fifth Annual No-Nonsense Seminar XXXV

Sponsored by North Central Academy of Podiatric Medicine
Since 1985, the No-Nonsense seminar has provided a world-class program with scientific presentations and workshops presented by leading clinicians and experts in podiatric medicine and related disciplines.

Podiatry & Pedorthics: A Match Made in Heaven

Sponsored by the PFA – Pedorthic Footcare Association
Presented by Dr. Luke Hunter
Participants will recognize their important role in the non-surgical and adjunctive treatment of complicated foot and ankle deformities, and how to possibly integrate into the surgical team. 

A Segmental Approach to AFO Design Using Composite Materials

Sponsored by: Giving Mobility Back

In this two-hour event, we will be addressing the design choices that can be made to produce the optimal patient results using carbon fiber technology. We will be discussing the use of prefabricated vs. custom AFOs.

Guiding Parents Through Clubfoot Treatment

Sponsored by: MD Orthopaedics

A clubfoot diagnosis can be upsetting to parents even though it is reversible with proper treatment. The physician leads parents through the casting and tenotomy procedures, but after correction has been achieved, parents are often sent home with foot abduction orthosis (FAO – commonly known as boots-and-bar, BnB, or the Mitchell boot), but sometimes with little information or support on how to use it. By combining the expertise of the medical community with first-hand parental experience, we hope to lay the foundation for a comprehensive care model that will equip parents with the information, resources, and support they need to be successful with the bracing phase of treatment.

Conservative Pain Management for Osteoarthritis

Sponsored by Medi
When it comes to knee pain, especially osteoarthritis it is important that a clinician completes a comprehensive assessment to determine the best path to health. Assessment techniques have evolved and the need to understand not only physical limitations but product knowledge too. Knee pain, while it may be present in the same way on the surface, can be caused by many different issues. We will look at incidence rates of osteoarthritis and review the risk factors involved. Identify conservative treatments and therapies for osteoarthritis. We will explore common lower extremity diagnoses and dysfunctions.

PFA Virtual Symposium

Sponsored by the Pedorthic Footcare Association
Providing you with the knowledge you need to advance your career and grow your practice.

General sessions will feature topics ranging from Pedorthic Treatment Protocols to 3-D Printing to Pedorthic Care of the Athlete and everything in between!

The O&P Medicare/Insurance Billing & Documentation Interactive Workshop

Sponsored by the PFA – Pedorthic Footcare Association
Program will provide detailed information on the billing and documentation process for both Medicare and private insurance.

Understanding Causes and Management of Partial Foot Amputations

Sponsored by the PFA, Pedorthic Footcare Association
discuss different types of partial foot amputations, and pitfalls in the process that we have to deal with in our management. The certified Pedorthist needs to know what options and tools are available for post-amputation care in aiding to prevent further complications.

Understanding Biomechanics and the Aging Spine

Sponsored by Medi
This virtual expo examines body changes over time, how this impacts the spine and how we deal with those changes.

Conservative Care & Your Practice

Conservative care and your practice will bring together leaders in podiatry to discuss how to grow your podiatric practice utilizing a multitude of conservative clinical applications and practice management tools.

  • Podiatrists wanting to grow their practice
  • Other healthcare practitioners interested in learning more about conservative care options
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