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Lower Extremity Review

lerEXPO is powered by the team at Lower Extremity Review (lermagazine.com) or LER as we like to call it. In print for 10+ years, this monthly magazine fills the lower extremity information gap for practitioners in the fields of Podiatry, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthestics, Pedorthics, and Athletic Training. Our mission statement:

LER: Showcasing evidence and expertise across multiple medical disciplines to build, preserve, and restore function of the lower extremity from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Our website boasts nearly 5,000 proprietary clinical and industry-related articles with new content generated monthly. This immense amount of relevant content yields a higher ranking result for search engines.

LER’s editorial content is driven by 4 pillars:

Biomechanics matter

Injury prevention is possible

Diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented

Collaborative care leads to better outcomes 

Our goal is to create CREDIBLE CONTENT that engages readers. We know this is true from their comments on the website to their emails with questions about a story to their phone calls suggesting topics…to recent citations by the Washington Post and ESPN from a 2015 article on Lisfranc fractures.  LER’s content drives reader engagement because credibility counts!

Our goal is to be ACCESSIBLE. Editorial staff attends professional healthcare meetings throughout the year to talk to experts, exhibitors, and attendees to bring the most up-to-date findings to our readers. We’ve done that from day 1, but we also maintain open archives—our online content is not behind a paywall—that’s why we have more than 175,000 unique visitors a month. This is why WaPo and ESPN were able to cite the 2015 article.

Our goal is to be APPROACHABLE—as a publication, as a website, as a community organizer and partner. We talk to all clinicians who may benefit from hearing about collaborative care or how lower extremity products can help improve patient outcomes.

Our goal is to be COLLABORATIVE—with experts from all disciplines, with readers from all over the world, with innovative entrepreneurs who build products that can benefit our readers’ patients. We’re happy to work with anyone whose goal is to improve the care of the lower extremity patient.

The Team Behind LER

Rich Dubin

Founder and Publisher

Richard Dubin has started four successful magazines for the medical, consumer health, and technology marketplaces. He was the previous publisher of BioMechanics and has been involved in every aspect of the medical publishing industry for 30 years. He started with Current Podiatry in 1991, moved to Podiatry Today in 1992 and created BioMechanics in 1994 to deliver a multi-disciplinary audience. During the recession of 2009 when everyone thought print was dead, Rich broke away from corporate publishing and launched LER. Rich has been attending medical conferences and tradeshows in all medical disciplines for the last 30 years and has been dreaming of a different way for the past 5 years. During the COVID-19 recession of 2020, he believes now is the time to act boldly and launch lerEXPO.

Janice Radak


Janice has been developing and packaging medical content for more than 20 years both in print and digitally. A journalist by training, she has written and edited for professional and patient audiences as well as for regulators and policymakers. While her sweet spot is periodicals (newsletters, magazines, journals), she also has extensive experience in books, multi-part projects, oral presentations, and training materials. Past positions include Editor-in-Chief of the journal Geriatrics, Managing Editor of the ADA’s Diabetes Forecast, Senior Publications Manager for Healthy People 2010, and Editorial Director of a medical communications firm. In addition to serving on the local university-affiliated Institutional Review Board for 4 years, Janice served as a patient/caregiver advocate on the Advisory Panel on Clinical Effectiveness and Decision Science for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) for 4 years.

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