Falls Prevention, Balance and Function

Event Quiz

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your attendance in the lerEXPO event Falls Prevention, Balance and Function.

Please answer the following questions. You must score 70% or greater to receive 2.0 CEU credits.

1.) The mCTSIB is an objective test of balance that provides information about:(Required)
2.) Instrumented balance testing conveys objective measures that use:(Required)
3.) Dynamic balance testing means:(Required)
4.) An example of static balance testing relayed in this course, includes:(Required)
5.) Walking tests that have evidence for and can be used to identify fall risk include:(Required)
6.) Balance is multifactorial and includes resources that can be assessed outside of function. The BEST test recognizes 6 systems. Which option includes systems from the BEST?(Required)
7.) The STEADI physical battery includes:(Required)
8.) The STEADI is used as:(Required)
9.) As related to imbalance and this presentation, normal aging includes:(Required)
10.) Reversible fall risk requires precise testing and informed intervention that is personalized. Which of the following was mentioned in this course, and speaks to personalization of care?(Required)

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