Keeping Knee OA Patients Active

Event Quiz

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your attendance in the lerEXPO event Keeping Knee OA Patients Active.

Please answer the following questions. You must score 70% or greater to receive 2.25 CEU credits.

1.) What is/are the primary oral medication(s) used for treating knee OA?(Required)
2.) What is the most important factor helping our young athletes with significant knee OA?(Required)
3.) What is the main mediators of inflammation in the OA joint?(Required)
4.) What is/are the non-modifiable risk factor(s) for knee OA(Required)
5.) How many people have Knee OA in the US?(Required)
6.) Which statement below is incorrect as it relates to cartilage treatment?(Required)
7.) In terms of staying active, which activity is typically not ideal for the older knee OA population?(Required)
8.) Which Bauerfeind product is not indicated for the management of Knee OA(Required)
9.) In terms of rehab of the arthritic knee, what food is not considered being part of an anti-inflammatory diet?(Required)
10.) What is not correct as it relates to Knee OA Bracing?(Required)

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