Orthotic Technology Forum

Event Quiz

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your attendance in the lerEXPO event Orthotic Technology Forum.

Please answer the following questions. You must score 70% or greater to receive 2.0 CEU credits.

1.) What is Additive Manufacturing?(Required)
2.) 2. Was does CAD stand for?(Required)
3.) What is the most popular open file format for a 3D foot scan?(Required)
4.) What does "Open" technology mean?(Required)
5.) What material is recycle-able?(Required)
6.) What type of material is used to emulate Polypropylene the majority of modern powder 3D Printers?(Required)
7.) What is the fastest method of manufacturing custom insoles using digital models(Required)
8.) What word is used to describe technology that can discover problems before they even occur?(Required)
9.) What additive technology extrudes material from a nozzle?(Required)
10.) What is technology in its simplest form?(Required)

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