Using Evidence-Based Pressure Mapping Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes

Event Quiz

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your attendance in the lerEXPO event Using Evidence-Based Pressure Mapping Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes.

Please answer the following questions to earn your credits. You will be emailed when graded.

1.) Name two of the parameters that you would consider before choosing a plantar pressure technology(Required)
2.) What is most important when choosing a system to measure in-shoe plantar pressure?(Required)
3.) Name an outcome measure that is clinically relevant and useful but not commonly reported within the literature.(Required)
4.) F-scan clinical has better resolution than F-scan 64(Required)
5.) A comprehensive management plan should include the following to achieve the best result.(Required)
6.) Every patient will benefit from orthotics with pressure measurement technology is used in the process(Required)
7.) What are some benefits to using instrumentation during return-to-play assessments following injury?(Required)
8.) What is an advantage of frequent testing during rehabilitation?(Required)
9.) Loading asymmetries during a body weight squat can be indicative of patients shifting their body weight away from the ACLR knee.(Required)
10.) What is the minimum number of steps recommended to evaluate gait?(Required)

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